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Sarah's POV*
    "Ugh when will Jason be back out so we can leave?!" I think to myself. This is the 5th day he's been here and I am worried sick! The doctors say he is in Acoma but I don't think that. for some reason it just doesn't seem right at all. The doctors even said that  he recovered the second he was put on the hospital bed.  Something just seems off. As I look to my left I see a black car show up, then a few seconds later two more land next to them on the flying car landing pad. On this world we have flying car converters installed so you can drive on the ground or fly. "This can't be good." so I decided to  hide in a hallway closet door a janitor just left and was just about to close.
 Jason's POV*
     The first couple seconds were very blurry and the room was very white. I didn't understand what was going on at first till I realized I was on a half burned hospital bed. When I jumped out of the hospital bed I also noticed that there was permanent, tattoo-engraved like markings across my upper chest and shoulder area. It was in a pattern but it was intriging to look at. Then as I looked up i saw four Emt's come towards me like as if I was going to harm them. "Why are you doing that?" I ask."That's because you almost killed us when we brought you here." they responded. Something wasn't right. As they move closer one has something behind them, remember these people are about 10 feet away at this time. The Emt with something behind his back (Obviously) attacks me first. it was a log needle. I sidestep to my right and uppercut him so badly, I pulverized his skull and getting it set on fire. An emt tries to attack from behind and another from the front of me. So I duck allowing them to punch each other in the face and knocking them selves out. I notice the one emt trying to escape the room, so I throw a quick fire ball, burning him alive. After they At this time the fire alarm was going off and the sprinklers were around. I found my clothes in a tray by the hospital bed and put them on. Afterwards I check one of the emt's bodies and I find the cultist insignia, this means trouble. I start running down the corridors following the main exit out and there's two more of the cultists standing there. A door opens behind them and Sarah comes out, jump kicks the one closest, distracting one and I snap his neck. "Good to see you Sarah." I say to her. "No time for welcoming parties we need to leave now!" After we ran down the rest of the corridors we got her parents car. "Ok now we can talk." she says. We drive away in the direction towards her parents house.

                                                                                             To Be Continued


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United States
I like to draw on paper than a computer but maybe this will work out well when I start drawing on here. One more thing some recognize me as Ached, others The Phoenix, but make things simple I am known as Phoenix king ached


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